Odoo is a leading business management software in the ERP software market. Odoo has developed outstanding ERP amongst other ERP programming accessible in the market today. The open-source Odoo ERP usage is expanding step by step as more organizations are implementing the functionalities and capacities that are accessible in the network. Over 2 million users currently in Odoo community, so the future looks extremely good for Odoo and its community. Active user participation both in development and usage has given the platform the right base to launch its future. The growth of Odoo is also important to the business that develops and customize the platform for an array of business across the world. Odoo development is one of the major endeavours right now and there are tons of developers who are choosing Odoo as their base development project.

    Being an open-source Odoo is growing faster than any other propriety ERP software’s in the market. Odoo implementation is gaining more importance in the business world. Odoo implementation and customization providing market opportunities for companies to shape around these options for their business growth. In this fastest growing business world, with the help of an Odoo consultant, you can grow your business. This saves you money right from the start and you can expand your business without feeling any financial pressure.

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    An Odoo freelance consultant helps to implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run the companies with a single system. They can bring specialized skills to assist the client’s business need and implement the best possible decision on implementing Odoo Projects.

    An Odoo freelance consultant has a detailed knowledge of different industries and the working scenarios of those industries, and also, they have a basic understanding of marketing, finance, accounting, and team management. They are well educated about the business procedure, prerequisites and do the setup part with the Odoo framework, and the specialized experts ought to have the expertise for doing the programming some portion of the activity. Odoo consultant acts as a backbone to the technical team as they transform the technical code into functional areas and they provide you the documentation, guidelines on each and every aspect.


    An Odoo freelance consultant will listen to your needs and understand your customer base and perceive their interests and initiate the right solution. They should be communicative enough to pass every single piece of information while the ERP solution is being built which prevents the loss of any resources. The best one in the service will cover all your business functions in one single solution. An Odoo consultant also has enough knowledge about the application, database and presentation. They will recommend you on making improvements in your ERP systems in future and they will be available at your end to know how your business process is going, what improvements can be made in the system and improve productivity.

    The best team of the Odoo experts of an ERP solution provider can find a solution for your complex requirements. iWesabe have years of vital experience in the field of OpenERP/Odoo. We have been active in the same field since 2007 and around a decade we have been offering our quality assured services to global clientele. We build end-to-end integrated solutions for a complete automation experience that promotes business growth. Our solutions range over multiple domains including ERP systems, custom-built solutions for Web/Mobile and dedicated product builds. We have a definite focus on ERP implementation using OpenERP / Odoo and are equipped with the right resources and expertise to streamline and perfect software for your business.

    There are various factors that make us one of the most admirable and highly accredited names in the worldwide Odoo / OpenERP industry today. We offer result oriented and satisfactorily services to our clients since we have full faith in our hard work, passion, commitment and dedication. Our services are the most reliable ones for our clients due to the punctuality and high discipline we employ in our work.

    We build highly affordable custom software for companies large and small. By applying modern design principles, in conjunction with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions that connect co-workers with each other and companies with their customers, simplify and accelerate business processes, and lower costs. Our highly experienced and devoted team of professionals works their heart out to provide the most dedicated IT solutions to clients at global front. Our team is unbeatable when it comes to virtues like dedication, timely services and commitment.

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