Odoo is a resource-heavy application, so people usually have trouble finding a suitable hosting provider. Not only that, but you can’t really run Odoo on shared hosting – so the choice gets a little thinner. It is important to choose a best reliable server to host your Odoo Application. For that we need to look Whom to trust? Who is more reliable? What features to look for? What prices? etc. It all depends on your needs, but some hosting providers are 'good for Odoo', and others are not. The hosting plan must meet all the requirements of Python and PostgreSQL etc. Which is the main reason why Odoo doesn’t run on shared hosting.

Minimal usage 

This category fits the Odoos that have no more than 10 users at a time. So if you’re a small company and you don’t have many apps, data or users actually using Odoo, the server requirements are:

 a) 2 CPU cores

 b) 2 GB RAM

 c) Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

So obviously, you can even use Odoo on a 1GB RAM VPS with a single CPU core, but the performance will be terrible.

Medium usage

When 10-50 users start using the Odoo, you should look at some bigger server plans.

  a) 2 CPU cores

  b) 4 GB RAM

  c) Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

One thing to note is that you don’t have to strictly follow these requirements. So if you had 11 users, you could easily fit them into the minimal requirements plan.

High usage 

This is what most enterprises would need. With hundreds of users at a time, with dozens of modules, you need better server plans:

 a) 6+ CPU cores

 b) 12+ GB RAM

 c) Any plan would meet other requirements for storage and bandwidth

This is the minimum. You should always get a better plan if you can. Especially if you’re an enterprise and can afford a slightly more expensive hosting plan.

When the usage gets “extreme”, as it usually does when hundreds of people use Odoo, you should contact a developer or a Linux server management company and let them optimize Odoo for you. You can even split Odoo in more than a single server.

     DigitalOcean is one among the leading provider with more flexible pricing and plans. And we recommend you to go with that. DigitalOcean's user interface is simple and minimalistic. It does have everything it takes to deploy and manage scalable web applications.

DigitalOcean’s documentation section is awesome. It is one of the most complete and extensive collection of tutorials, how-to guides and walkthroughs. Similar to the community what Odoo is having, DigitalOcean too has an enormous community around it. From contributing to the documentation and responding to the queries in the forum, community plays a significant role in its success.

DigitalOcean wins hands down in the pricing structure section. Everyone joins from this link gets FREE 100 $ in credit for 60 days during Hacktoberfest ! There is no limit for the new accounts you can create using this referral link. If you face any difficulties or need clarifications, feel free to contact us. 

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