ERP Software For Manufacturing Industry

A true definition for a complete integrated ERP is achieved via encompassing different custom modules that can integrate all portions of a business running from accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, and human resource. And a odoo manufacturing ERP software is the one that helps you to run your business in the most better and efficient manner. 

Unlike other ERP software implementations, manufacturing ERP software is more complicated because of its characteristics. A manufacturing company needs to handle various processes like inventory management, design process, procurement, quality control, order management processes making them a challenging tool. Before implementing the manufacturing ERP, one has to clearly understand the essential elements and key factors pertaining to it especially the people, technology and process involved in the business. As each module is specialized to handle separate business workflows, every data and functions should get generated on a single database for effective management.

Here comes the role of Odoo, open source ERP in simplifying the whole management processes under a single roof.  Flaunting with a simple design, an interface with thousands of customized modules, Odoo serves the best choice presently available in the market for boosting the productivity of any business. Odoo ERP has lots of functionalities on offer with add-on features making them easy to use and simpler to upgrade. Continuous innovations and scalability make Odoo a vital and suitable platform for any business. The main advantage of choosing Odoo over other software like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics is that Odoo offers relatively a low-cost ownership. Though initial investments seem to be a bit high, post-implementation costs are too low in Odoo. 

In addition, if we compare Odoo manufacturing module with other ERP solutions, Odoo has with many unique features like byproducts, routing facility, single BOM for multiple product variants, MRP II scheduler, Master production scheduler, Kanban Planning, Production calendar, backward scheduling, Work orders, Repair etc.  The above said features not available in SAP ERP while Odoo implements all of the above makings it advisable to many.  And against Microsoft Dynamics, Odoo have the feature advantage of Equipment / Machine Management, Work Instructions on Work Orders, Maintenance Requests from Shop Floor Terminal, Production calendar etc.

In short, we can say that Odoo provides an ultimate integration of manufacturing resources.

Following are the features of Odoo Manufacturing Management.

> Integrate manufacturing resources to improve your business efficiency and competitive nature
> Helpful in categorizing data which in turns helps with effective management of products.
> Enable quick processing via different features through one can  complete the end to end flow
> Utilize all the potential facilities and resources to effectively transition the manufacturing flow on the shop floor.  
> Advanced shop floor control with use of scanning through traveler, labels and efficiency matrix
> Manage the WIP, semi-finished items without much hassle, also track inventory and costs related to operations as individual or all at once
> Bird's eye view through MPS and forecasting to effectively manage and utilize the capacity and projections
> Production Planning based on MPS throughout the flow which will cut down the decision making on the floor
> Manage MTS /MTO to efficiently manage the inventory levels. 

Now let us look in deep the above-said features, how worthwhile the features are that makes Odoo manufacturing ERP an excellent choice for users. 

1. Scheduling

Odoo schedules the work orders and manages availability of your resources and portion situations with utmost ease. Odoo helps in managing your products in assembly lines or manual assembly. Odoo gets you with a clear view of your whole planning processes and easily reschedules the manufacturing processes. 

2. Efficient Manufacturing

Manufacturing and automated work orders scheduling is another key feature of Odoo ERP manufacturing management. It also helps you manage inventory more effectively than ever before.

3. Flexibility of Defining Master Data
Odoo is equipped with the highest level of flexibility, Manufacturing ERP in Odoo allows users to manage bills of materials purchased, routing, multi-level billing, changes in versions by adding configurable options while creating orders etc. It also creates phantom BoM to manufacture and sell products in kits or to build replacement parts. Odoo creates new routings for work orders in order to sequence the production depending on the routing used.

4. Automate Work Orders

Barcode support helps users record various operations and time without having to do it manually.

5. Analytic for Manufacturing & Inventory

Keep manufacturing and inventory in sync by tracking inventory stock and manufacturing activities for uninterrupted business continuity and streamlined reporting.

6. Smart User Interface

Organize work orders and manufacturing orders the way you prefer. You can efficiently process orders from the calendar view, list view and make any edits required in the proposed schedule. Its Gantt view feature offers the flexibility of the highest level to control the view as per your choice.

7. Quality

Control Points: Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.
Quality Checks: Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.
Quality Alerts: Organize your work using the Kanban view of quality alerts.

8. Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance: Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.
Corrective Maintenance: Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.
Calendar: Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.
Statistics: Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF

9. Work Centre 

Set tablets in every work centre to organize their work efficiently.
Record every production by registering the scan products, serial numbers etc.
Display worksheets directly on the WorkCentre embedded with instructions for the operator.

10. Alerts

Use alerts to show changes or quality checks to the operator. 

11. Material Resource Planning 

In Odoo MRP, one can plan and create MRP orders. There are provisions to check the availability of raw materials, to start with the production process. Soon after production process is completed, one can post them to inventory. In short Odoo MRP helps you with multiple functionalities including managing your stock valuation (inventory), managing complete process of a company including the information and functions generating on a single database, making better decisions in quick note, accounting easier, increasing sales and customer satisfaction, maintaining the customer relationship, managing human resources and purchases bids management etc. 

12. Master Production Schedule

Odoo has a specialized module for Master Production Schedule (MPS). With the advanced feature of MPS, it does Advanced Planning and Scheduling Master Production Schedule module is designed to help manufacturers develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources and achieving Advanced Planning and Scheduling. 

MPS for Make to Stock enables to schedule the production against the stock. MPS balances machine capacity and acknowledges labour to develop a realistic plan of action to move products through various operation steps. The user benefit is that generated schedules are realistic and achievable on the plant floor because the production constraints on the plant floor are considered and modelled. 

All these features make Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software an Excellent choice for customers.

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