Odoo always try to improve the service and quality of the OdooERP.  Odoo new version is out with lots of features and new modules.Odoo has tried to introduce some new modules with great features like Document Management module, to share documents amongst your team, and an Internet of Things module.

The Expected features in Odoo 12 Community and Enterprise are;

1. Accounting

Some of the biggest changes in Version 12 come to the Accounting module.

The new Odoo Accounting makes it easier to use and configure, and also adds new components for accountants, such as the ability to import vendor bills and use OCR.

1.1  New Configuration Progress bar with better interface and better colors:

-- We can create a new bank account directly from progress bar.
-- During ‘Create a Bank Account,’ we have the option to create a new journal or link to an existing journal:

1.2 We can import Vendor Bill From Accounting Dashboard.

1.3 Bank Reconciliation Threshold:

If you have old invoices that were never reconciled with any bank statement, Odoo 12 will have a solution to unclutter your statement reconciliation screen.

2. Document Management System(DMS)

Odoo tries to introduce a very good and advanced DMS to share document amongst your team. Document management is extremely helpful for HR and document-heavy industries, e.g. industries where companies need to keep insurance, certificates, POs, etc.

2.1 Overview of DMS

2.2 Defining default destination for attached documents:

3. Report Designer (Odoo Studio)

Odoo 12 brings an improvement in the way invoices and purchase orders can be designed. Odoo Studio allows companies who want to do self-service more easily customize their instance. The newest change allows users to easily change reports on their system. Drag and drop the fields in the form view will very helpful to the end-users to change the view style. Functional people can edit and style reports using the Odoo studio and easier than ever.

4. Website

Odoo 12 supports multiple website for a company. It is very useful for e-commerce since it allows companies to have 2+ separate webstores connected to their single ERP system.
In addition to that, Odoo now also features a colorful dashboard, as well as helping you capture more user metadata for marketing.

4.1 Multi-Website

4.2  Colorful analysis dashboard in website sales for overview and easy readability:

4.3  User metadata capturing, such as IP address and user device, while generating a lead from the website through the Contact Us page.

5. IoT (Internet of Things)

Odoo 12 also comes with a new IoT module to help your business manage your IoT devices.
The IoT box connects Odoo with any device: Manufacturing quality checks, stock label printing, PoS devices, attendance, etc.

6.Discussion and Chat

6.1 In the log or chatter under the records, you can drag and drop the attachments directly to the chatterbox.

6.2 Odoo IM, Odoo Livechat, and Odoo Discuss notify you when someone is typing…

             6.2.1 Live chat notification when someone typing

              6.2.2 Discuss notification when someone typing

6.3 Ability to integrate Discussion module with GitHub Repositories:

7. Calendar and Activities

7.1 – Better view and easier to track and analyze all activities:

7.2 Interactive calendar notifications and reminders pop up wherever you are in the system.

8. Inventory

8.1  New and advanced graphical view for all inventory  operations.

Push and Pull Rules have been merged. Significant usability improvements to  the rule view

9. Extra fields are introduced in user form

9.1 User type is the new field.

              1. Internal user
              2. Portal
              3. Public

10. New Payment Acquirer

A new payment acquirer is introduced in Odoo version 12 — Altpay.

11. More localisations

Arabic is a language that is written right to left. The newest Odoo 12 update synchronizes the screen with that, benefiting many Middle East and African Odoo clients.

11.1  Arabic language right to left alignment without using 3rd party application:

12. Subscriptions

Many improvements to Odoo Subscriptions: more payment flows, clean automatic emails, automatic alerts, ratings, historical snapshots, KPIs.

12.1  New enhancements to Subscriptions module:

13. Sales

The new feature is added at framework level by adding multiple buttons in the one2many line.

13.1 Ability to add notes in sales order lines:

13.2  Easily share the tokenized public link of any portal document to anyone

13.3 You can now require both an online signature and a payment in order to confirm a quotation.

14. Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcut everything with ‘Alt’.

14.1 Keyboard shortcuts are given below:

            > c for create
            > i import
            > t Filter
            > g group by
            > v favorites
            > k kanban
            > l list
            > b calender

14.2 Menus are keyboard accessible.

We can access the menus through our keyboards, it will help to increase the speed of accessing odoo ERP.

15. New Barcode UI

This improvement is aimed at improving the stock flow in and out. This is especially helpful for an inventory based business. MRP Work order Fully supported Barcode actions!

16. Project Management

16.1 Cohort and Dashboard for every project:

New views are introduced in odoo. we can add it to all models.

16.2 Customers can pay with their mobile banking app using SEPA QR codes:

16.3 Moderator Functionality

In Projects module, you’ll need to enable the moderation functionality and then you can see the new tab for the moderation.

16.4 Detailed profitability of the project overview.

17. Odoo Leave management

Support of Paid-Time-Off accrual (vacation, sick, etc…) in Odoo Leave management:

Leaves in days half days or hours and set accrual limits support negative too.

-- Leave management validation is double validation HR and manager.Also the timesheet generation in a PTO project is automated.

18. HR User Application Access

In HR module, the users will have a new type of access other than User and Manager, that is Equipment Manager. In Odoo V11, all users are employees in HR, But in V12 that will not be the case.

19. Data entry efficiency

Odoo 12 gives you faster data entry options with pictures at the side of the screen for the cross-verifying expense entries against bill.

20. Financial Reports

20.1 Odoo 12 has robust reporting options, users will now get to set multi-filter and multi-groups in financial reports.

Use filters in financial reports. Compare columns based on any group-by field. Multi-group with date criteria.New flexible date filters allow you to group any date field of any document by day, week, month, quarter, and year.

20.2  Super clean Accounting Reports.

20.3 Page break in financial reports and in core Qweb.

21. Other Features

     1. Complete end-to-end marketing ROI tracking with UTMs on emails, website, leads, opportunities, quotations, sale orders, invoices, and their respective reports.
     2. Dashboards like Google Analytics.
     3. Create multiple records at a time using create_multi.
     4. Images from Unsplash.

     5. Accessing a fields Date or fields DateTime value will no longer return a string with the representation of the date but a native python date(time) object.
     6. New flexible date filters allow you to group any date field of any document by day, week, month, quarter, and year.

     7. Two Administrators: System/Odoobot and Administrator.
     8. New report type: qweb-text.
     9. Import Product Images from URL.

    10. Automatically synchronize your currency exchange rates regularly with a new provider.
    11. Detached chatter allows to quickly communicate on business documents without opening them.

    12. Filter panel, view switcher, and better screen management on mobile.

    13. OdooBot.

Runbot now displays a complete status history of builds for each branch.

    14. Add some steps in your manufacturing process in just one click! Define if you need to pick the components before starting the production or if you want an additional step to store the finished products after the production.

    15. Compute the cost of the products based on their BoM in mass directly from the product list view.

    16. Better notifications and management of email delivery failures.

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