•         As we all know that Odoo is an open-source ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management. Odoo was founded in 2005, From the base version (1.0) to version 4.0 it is called as TinyERP, then changed to OpenERP (Version 5.0 – 7.0) around 2007 and then from version 8.0 it is changed to Odoo OpenERP around 2012. Odoo is updating to a newer version every year with more updated features.

            The Odoo 14 is expected to release in October 2020 with an extensive list of new features. Here we are discussing the area of enhancements that will expect in version 14.

    1. Save Employees Time

    Odoo 14 comes up with many time-saving hacks for users. This feature will surely helpful for users while processing documents like sales orders, stock transfers, etc.

    2. Cross-App Integration
    With the help of Odoo, cross-app integration users can integrate e-Commerce with rentals. Email templates can be integrated with the studio, this will save the user’s time creating the email templates. Also, documents can be integrated with any apps.

    3. Smart Warnings
    In an e-Commerce business, customers will get warnings about their order delay or other warnings related to order with the help of Odoo auto-bot. Odoo bot will send these type of warnings to the users using their smart warnings system.

    4. Framework Changes
    In version 14, the Odoo is coming up with the reworked ORM, JavaScript and Python. This will helps for smooth customization and great performance of the applications. 

    5. Snippet Tools
    Odoo 14 is coming with many new widgets to build beautiful and functional websites effortlessly.

  •                             Chart Snippet 
                                Countdown Snippet
                                Step Snippet
                                Product Catalog Snippet
                                Auto Pop up Snippet
                                Progress bar Snippet
                                Timeline Snippet
                                Number Snippet
                                Masonry Snippet
                                Big boxes Snippet
    Product List Snippet

    6. Updates in POS
    Odoo added more features to POS inventory management and POS promotion and coupon program will possibly be moved to Odoo 14 Community Edition.

    7.  Data Cleaning Module
    This is a new module will be available for enterprise users. This module will help to find duplicate records across multiple records and manages data redundancy.

    8. Emoji Widget
    By using emojis users can express the emotions and it will help the texts being live.

    9. Dashboards
    Odoo is introducing dashboards in the Expenses module and Purchase module.

    10. Product Pricelist Report
    This feature helps to print the pricelist of the product with corresponding currency from the product list itself.

    11. Password Checker Bar
    Password checker will help the user to check the password strength while creating an account through the portal. Based on the password, it will show the strength of password in the bar.

    12. Easy Access to Record Rules and Access Rights
    In this feature, the user can easily view record rules and access rights from its own view by activating developer mode.

    13.  Chat with Other Users from the Tree View
    This feature comes up with a chat option with the other users. A display picture of user can see in the tree view by clicking on the display picture user can chat with them.

    14. Schedule Activity from the Tree View
    From the tree view, a user can easily view and schedule the activities for each record.

    15. Visualization of Inventory Routes
    With the help of diagrammatic representation, users can see the routes of products by diagrammatic representation and print the diagram as a PDF.

      Odoo is the fastest growing ERP software. In Odoo 14, we are expecting so many features than the previous versions. These upcoming features will make new opportunities and growth in business for clients and users. We iWesabe will help you to customize any Odoo versions as per your needs. 

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