The changeover from OpenERP to Odoo discernibly focuses its web based methodology. Odoo comes with around 4000 applications for numerous business necessities and requirements.

There has been a lot of guesswork and wish list with version 8.0 between its partners and users. Ensuing are some features of version 8.0 that seems appealing at a glance.

1. Website

OpenERP turns up with this attribute of web where users can plan and administer content of their website. This option delivers a possibility to manage web content, products and other particulars which are commonly put on any company website. A user may build websites without having any technical expertise.

For building websites, install the 'website' component. Once this component is set up, a website menu will appear. The user can edit the page by following the ‘Edit’ button.

2. E-Commerce

Odoo ecommerce lets you make amazing product catalogues together with product description. It permits you to build striking product pages and boost your online sales in a few easy clicks. Uncomplicated Drag and Drop intended interface enables you to generate spectacular product pages. Odoo ecommerce aids to administer ecommerce function with Odoo open source ERP. Users can artlessly incorporate our warehouse, delivery, and payment getaway services.

To employ the e-commerce element, set up the website sale component. Then a different menu ‘Shop’ is seen on top. The user can insert new products or edit the product descriptions with this menu.

Add to Cart: The user can place an order by following the ‘Add to Cart’ link.

3. Reporting

The Reporting element is more vibrant which enables the user to alter the presentation of reports with ease and has the choice to use diverse filters effortlessly.

4. Sales Teams

This element lets the user to make teams and follow their development in terms of leads, sales orders and Invoices. It offers easy interface for team management and operation tracking.

5. Live Chat

This feature gives live chat option to chat straight with clients in real time. It is a quick messaging option. When we set up the website live chat component, a new icon is revealed on the right hand side. The user can pick clients from this for messaging.

6. Warehouse Management

One of the most remarkable modifications to Odoo 8 is the Warehouse Management program, which gives a fresh barcode scanning feature for warehouse or execution staff. It allows superior product channeling, including first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out and closest, together with picking waves management.

Inbound shipments, internal movement, delivery orders etc. are included in Warehouse -> Operations -> All Operations menu. To generate new operations, go to the menu Warehouse -> Configuration -> Types of Operation.