Enterprise resource planning is the backbone of any business ranging from small to large. Why? Reason is as simple as it seems: it helps in an efficient and effective management of the overall business tasks.

Well, what comes to your mind when you think of ERP for your business? But obvious, it’s Odoo development that might come to your mind, most of the times. That’s because it is in demand open-source ERP framework.

That is why every business embraces Odoo development services for their processes and workflows. But alas, not every business process has similar workflow, clients, and their requirements. Hence, the proverb “One size fits all” goes wrong. There are many Odoo versions that can help you meet your client requirements like Odoo online and odoo.sh.

There are differences with the services that each version provides. So, let us go through some of the common features both Odoo versions- Odoo online and odoo.sh provide. Thereafter, look at the difference and make a decision as to which one is suitable according to your business needs.

Odoo.sh is a cloud-based ERP platform that is especially available for the use of Odoo end customers. Moreover, it is most appropriate for small businesses.

Odoo online provides basic instance of Odoo ERP so it allows the users to enjoy the same level of features what an Odoo basic provides.

Odoo Online and Its Features

Odoo online is a SaaS (Software as a service) cloud-based platform. With the help of this, one can get full permission to access online software for regular intervals. Moreover, you can leave your worries about hardware, server, or infrastructure if you have Odoo SaaS/Odoo online.

It is very easy to acquire Odoo online. You just need to put an online subscription. Within no time, you will have an Odoo online instance to use.

Odoo online is an enterprise version so in order to make changes in it, you might need Odoo studio app. Moreover, Odoo has introduced feature related modules so you may opt to install them manually.

Odoo.sh and Its Features

This version of Odoo does not require a lengthy installation process. Rather, it offers a swift and easy setup. Odoo.sh version of Odoo uses GitHub. Therefore, first you need to provide a name to GitHub account and subscribe access code to odoo.sh.


Select the hosting location and the Odoo version. Now, connect your Odoo.sh with the GitHub account and you are ready.

There are many business owners who find this installation/ setup process difficult. If you are one of them, then you must opt for Odoo development services from some Odoo service provider.

Having said so, let us go through some common benefits that both the versions hold for the Odoo-based businesses.

  • Simple and Easy Maintenance

Both Odoo online and odoo.sh ease your business server tasks like monitoring, backups, emails, staging, and many more.

Especially, when it comes to backups, Odoo versions provide the fastest and easiest backup mode within a few clicks. Moreover, you can also hire Odoo developer to restore the backups on your live database.

  • Mailing Service

This is one of the services where probably both the Odoo versions- Odoo online and Odoo.sh are good at. On one hand, an Odoo online helps in setting up the mail server and manage the same using domain name, on the other – odoo.sh provides a mail catcher to read these mails.

Moreover, these mail servers are set automatically and one can also deactivate it on staging and development branches.

  • Security

When it comes to secure the data of every customer/client, both the Odoo versions- Odoo online as well as odoo.sh guarantee maximum amount of security. Both the servers focus on design and procedure security.

Let’s have a look at all the different types of securities these versions provide.

       1. Database security

  • These servers store the data in a dedicated database system
  • It prohibits sharing of data between any customers/clients
  • There are data access control rules which prohibit access from one database to another, thereby isolating one customer database from another even on the same line.

        2. Password Security

  • Clients/customers do not have to worry for their password security as Odoo staffs do not get access and cannot retrieve their clients’ passwords
  • There are industry standards encryption like PBKDF2+SHA512 that protects the passwords
  • Moreover, there is tight security over credentials through the HTTPS protocol

       3. Odoo Staff Access

  • You might wonder that in case of any support issue, if you hire Odoo developer, they will get access over your system.
  • Then let me bring to your notice that the Odoo helpdesk provides special credentials to the Odoo staff to sign in to the account and solve the support issue.
  • So, you can remain carefree as you won’t have to lend your passwords to them.
  •   4. System Security

    • There are only a few Odoo developers who are clear as how to remotely manage the servers and be well aware that they can get access only using SSH key pairs.
    • Therefore, you must remain cautious to acquire services from a reputed Odoo development company. Search for the best. You will surely find us in your search.
    • We provide security with the help of firewalls and embrace other intrusion control measures to prevent unauthorized access to your system.
    • Moreover, we provide hard Linux distributions with up-to-date security patches.

           5. Client Communication Security

    • There are so many communications taking place on a daily basis between you and your clients?
    • Have you ever thought about its protection? We provide such Odoo customization services enabling protection of all your client instances through state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption.
    • Our servers have a patching against SSL vulnerabilities enjoying Grade A SSL ratings.
    • Just embrace our services and get a secured client communication.

           6. Secured Odoo Design

    • Odoo comes designed in a manner that does not require any security vulnerabilities.
    • The use of higher level API prevents the use of manual SQL queries or injections
    • The high-level templating system prevents XSS attacks, automatically removing the injected data.
    • The RPC access to private methods in the Odoo framework prevents introduction of any exploitable vulnerabilities.
    • This is how the system has a secured Odoo design.

    Now, we will talk about the new Odoo version that is Odoo.sh. It has certain features and functionalities that differentiate it from other versions and show the ways in which it has more benefits for business owners than Odoo online.

    1. Odoo.sh is way advanced to Odoo Online

    Business enterprises should have such an Odoo version that allows its front-end users to implant custom add-ons and provide many other customization facilities. It is most needed for business clients as every business has a different workflow.

    So, you must opt for Odoo.sh that is way advanced and provides ‘n’ number of features that other Odoo ERP versions don’t provide. It provides better scalability and flexibility allowing the installation of custom modules and also renders Odoo customization facility at the front end. This is not offered by an Odoo online.

    2. Enables Easy Testing and Management

    It’s the hybrid of Odoo and the GitHub that facilitates testing and management features. To your surprise, one can have a transparent view of Odoo integration with the GitHub development flow. This integration permits the businesses to merge, clone, and fork the projects using unique SSH keywords and secrets.

    Users can easily register themselves with SSH public key and get a connection with any server within few clicks. Furthermore, it allows the users to easily test their developments, feature test their branches and customer’s production instance.

    3. Provision to use Own Domain Name

    Most often businesses do look for such an ERP framework that enable them to have their own domain name for their ERP projects. It’s Odoo.sh that provides this facility. Apart from using own domain name, it permits the user to use DNS sub-domains for their development branches.

    If you are in search for such an ERP framework for your business, no need to worry. Our Odoo customization team is here to help you set up your domain during the implementation time.

    4. Server Control

    The Odoo.sh comes with server controls which one does not get in Odoo online. If you use Odoo.sh, only then can you get real time detailed and filtered logs. Moreover, when Odoo online supports only the latest version, Odoo.sh provides wide support enabling you to choose any versions of Odoo as per your choice. It can run projects on Odoo 10 as well as on Odoo 11. Additionally, Odoo.sh supports GitHub and other integrations, shell access, Odoo app integration, monitoring, DNS, and emails.

    Odoo.sh - odoo-online-3

    5.Customization Options Available

    If you are in dire need to customize your ERP and fulfill client requirements, and you think Odoo online will help you do that, you are wrong. It is Odoo.sh that allows you to add numerous modules and satisfy your client requirements.

    This Odoo version provides automatic testing and deployment of pull request, merge, and fork – thereby making the project error-free and rendering a stable performance. This version of Odoo development does not end here. It supports more than one add-on folders. You can easily install the add-ons and community modules based on Git submodules. This is how the Odoo.sh plays a crucial role in rendering customization option.

    6.Maximize Your Performance

    Which business owner would like to hold on to their status quo? Obviously, no one. Every business owner wishes to enhance their performance once they reach a particular stage. It means to maximize their performance.

    So, you must hire Odoo developer from reputed Odoo service providers. Search for them. And remember, we are one of them to fully optimize Odoo and get maximum performance out of it for your business. With Odoo, you can get the status for all your servers as well as KPIs for their availability.

    7. Dedicated Odoo.sh RunBot

    Runbot is a server that tests the installed branches pushed on a GitHub. And nothing can serve a business with a better Runbot than Odoo.sh. It provides a dashboard full of tests and a detailed log history that tracks the real time progress of all the development projects.


    It enables the admin to carry out any activities with regards to development projects like staging, testing them with production data and also delete any project in just a few clicks. This Odoo RunBot makes it easy to test the project via public or private URLs. Furthermore, it allows you to share builds with your clients for live testing.

    Bottom Line

    Every business has different workflow, processes, and clients. Similarly, Odoo has its different versions. So, if you have an Odoo, its time now to decide based on the above information as to which Odoo development version you must acquire in order to get the best and fulfill your client requirements. All the best, choose the most appropriate version- Odoo Online or Odoo.sh.

    Feel free to call us, buzz us, or email us anytime. We will be glad to help you render the best Odoo services and utilize the maximum of our potentials.