iWesabe proudly announces that we have been promoted as Odoo Silver Partner for Saudi Arabia. The silver partnership is certified only to those companies who have contributed a significant role in completing high quality Odoo projects.

    Becoming Silver Partner is really a great achievement for iWesabe and has only been possible due to our team’s hard work and our valued customers. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude through this opportunity and for accompanying us on this journey!

    Being an Odoo Official Partner, whether it’s Ready, Silver or Gold means several things. Partners are fully trained on the system directly from the source. They have access to Odoo Enterprise source code and bug fixes as soon as they become available. They also have a direct relationship with Odoo SA to escalate any issues and have access to weekly updates and training sessions.

    One of the major advantages of being a Silver Partner is the level of account manager involvement. Silver Partners are given a higher level of involvement when compared to Ready Partners as they are only given a moderate level of involvement. This level of involvement for Silver Partners means faster response time to any questions or issues on behalf of the customer.

      Odoo Partners are trained and have the experience and knowledge in implementing the Odoo ERP system successfully for their customers. They have to follow standards and best practices while implementing Odoo for their end customer. Compared to non-Odoo Partners, Odoo Partners have to always keep a high level of standards as they are answerable to Odoo Inc. in case of project failure or following bad programming practices. But if your Odoo project is implemented by a third-party non-partner, Odoo will not be able to provide much help, other than to advise you to work with an identified Partner.

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    This enables us to bring Odoo business software in a professional manner to organizations that want to facilitate and optimize their business processes in a modular, versatile and progressive way.

All business processes streamlined and optimized in one environment.

    Whether it concerns HR, invoicing, document management, time registration, CRM or the website. With Odoo we facilitate all business models and provide a scalable and affordable solution for overview and efficiency in the various business processes in your company.

    Whether you are looking for an organization-wide solution, or just want to optimize one of your business processes, it's all possible. Odoo is modular available and can already be used from a single module. But if you want to take further steps from there, an additional module is arranged in this way.

A tailor-made solution for a ready-made price.

    Are you looking for a customized solution for your business process? With Odoo as a basis, iWesabe can serve you in a financially attractive way. We can use the basic functionality of Odoo and then extend this to an extensive custom variant, completely tailored to your wishes and functionalities.

Continuous development in knowledge and expertise.

    With our certification as a Silver Partner, we demonstrate our expertise and we commit ourselves to continuous development in the field of functionality, knowledge and training of Odoo business software. So, with iWesabe you have the implementation party to optimally manage your business processes and to communicate with each other and prevent the proliferation of cloud solutions within the company.

Looking for more information or Free DEMO, feel free to reach us at contact@iwesabe.com and one of our consultants will get back to you.