How to take a complete backup the database reliably, like that in one operation (or multiple, scriptable via bash), I can restore the database, additional file assets, and installed modules to a new server.

Let’s go step by step process

First, we need to load odoo on the browser. Here I am taking as localhost. Type the URL as



Click on the manage database from login screen of odoo.

Now the user will navigate to odoo database manager screen, here all the databases are listed

The user can perform any options in Odoo database.





5.Drop / Delete 

How to Create new Odoo database?

Here we are given the database name. You can see the Email and Password there. Why this email and Password? Well, this is for login credentials. By using this Email and Password we can login to our database. This will be the administrative account for our odoo. We can choose our language. When we select a country, the Accounting Package will be installed for that country.

There is a checkbox called Load Demonstration data if you tick this option the demo data will be loaded for each module(customers, suppliers, SO’s, PO’s, Employees a,d users, etc...).

And Click on continue after a while odoo will redirect to odoo Apps.And we can start using odoo.

How to Create Odoo Database Backup?  


In certain condition, we need a copy of the database for future needs, for that we are keeping a backup of the database. There is a custom module which creates database backup

In order to take the backup of a database click on the Backup button of the corresponding Database.

Select the Backup format and click on Backup Button.Here we are selecting the Backup format as Zip.

How to Duplicate Odoo database?
In some cases, we need duplicates of some existing databases.

Click on the Duplicate button


How to Restore odoo database?

Select the database you already have (backup) and give a name for the database.

The name database will not be same as you have in reserve (backup) the name will be the one you give here.

How to Drop / Delete Odoo database?

It is very easy to delete an unwanted database

Just click on the delete button from the database manager then a window will pop up and click on the delete. It is done!