Freight Forwarding Software Saudi Arabia

                                                                 FREIGHT FORWARDING MANAGEMENT SOLUTION

It's that time again.. operations registry time !! Customers got Multiple freight enquiries and you need to follow up their shipments? Are shipments costs and margins automatically calculated ? are you able to easily approve operation and generate customer invoice based on each operation? Even if you're way behind, Our Freight & Forwarding Module will get your freight offerings and operations and calculations up to speed.Freight & Forwarding Module increases your business accuracy through job profitability analysis functionality and give you peace of mind. Why pull your hair out every day when you can rely on iWesabe and its Freight & Forwarding Module? Freight & Forwarding Module knows your frustrations, believe me, we do. That's why we are here. Please continue reading to see the product in action.



Creation of different price lists for each freight service

Price list for Ocean freight

Price list for Dry

Price list for Reefer

 Price list for Trucking

 Multiple quotations for different services could be linked to a single operation

Price list for Special equipment services


Freight Operation

Follow up tab for each quotation created for each service

Customer invoices generated automatically from a single operation

Ability to record shipping line invoices

Job profitability analysis for each single operation

 Generating the final shipping declaration