In any enterprise, the most important resource to manage is the company’s human capital. Our company provides a unique set of modules as per the company’s requirement. We are considered as the best solution provider for Human Resource and payroll management in Saudi Arabia. We offer a fully customized and localized suite of HR applications for Saudi Arabia market, such as personal information management, contracts management, leave management, attendance management, HR expense management, Payroll management, employee appraisal and evaluations and a module to connect attendance machines with the HR system.

iWesabe is one of the pioneers in offering solutions of Human Resource & Payroll Management in Saudi Arabia, empowering companies with a robust platform to manage entire HR Processes from single-handed software. Being the leading agency for OpenERP in Saudi Arabia, we are able to extend our expertise in HR & Payroll Management. Our HR module implementation in Saudi Arabia includes implementing the module for organizations managing up-to 400,000+ employees.

Features of our Human Resources & Payroll Management

  • Personal information Management – Manage complete employee information and profile such as personal details, work and education history, skills and other details
  • Contract Management – Manage employee contracts, employee work permit, visa and passport expiry details. Get updates on important events such as contract, work permit or visa expiration.
  • Track Time and attendance of employees – Connect the HR system with time and attendance machine or use the web based features to sign in and sign out, thus, removing the need for manual attendance system.
  • Manage Recruitments – Manage all recruitment cycle from job advertisement to receiving applications and putting them in a recruitment flow, track recruitment cycle easily and efficiently such as planning test, interviews, feedback and contract offer.
  • Manage Employee Expense – Employees can submit their HR expense, managers approve expense and the details are passed on to accounting system so that the finance team can pay the employees.
  • Manage Leaves – Manage employee leaves. Allow employees to submit leave requests before their managers to approve. This feature allows employees to plan their leave and the HR manager to keep track of leaves in a consolidated manner
  • Payrolls Customized for Saudi Arabia – The payroll system is configured to generate payrolls and calculate taxes as per Saudi Arabia taxation rules.
  • Employee Appraisal – Perform 360 degree employee appraisal periodically in the paperless manner
  • Reports – Generate standard reports from the system such as employee profile, employee list, employee list per department, pay slips, pay lists and advise for the bank.

iWesabe is the official partner of the OpenERP in Saudi Arabia. Usually, Payroll Management is considered as time-consuming and monotonous process. Payroll management includes bringing together multiple types of inputs, local formal requirements, certifying the data prior paying and managing time. We enable the clients to get relieved from these challenges effectively by delivering flawless payroll processing software. We are the best IT firm in Saudi Arabia for Human Resources and Payroll Management services.

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