ERP Software Saudi Arabia

Odoo ERP is an all in one business management software which integrates the major business management functions such as CRM and sales, accounting, purchase, project management, HR, manufacturing, Inventory etc. The ERP software system should facilitate cloud-based storage. So, you can access real-time information everywhere. ERP software system provides a centralized communication. Different department can access data from one database thus it makes easy and simple communication and helps to save time.
As a local ERP Software company and official partner of Odoo ERP Software in Saudi Arabia, we already have custom designed several modules for ERP localization for Saudi Arabia and to meet the requirements of business processes in the most effective manner for this region. ERP software system integrate a single source of data which helps to avoid duplication it. In many projects, the role of an ERP Software consultant will start from requirement analysis and helps for hassle free development, easy product delivery and support during entire project.

Major Reasons for adopting ERP

  • ➢ Standardize and speed up all operations
  • ➢ Integrate customer and financial information
  • ➢ Reduce inventory
  • ➢ Standardize HR and Payroll
  • ➢ Control over various business processes

Advantages of having ERP Software in an Organization

  • ➢ Greater Efficiency
  • ➢ Customer Service
  • ➢ Data Security
  • ➢ Improved Reporting
  • ➢ Flexibility
  • ➢ Productivity

Open Source ERP

Open source ERP customers can access the open-source code for free and customize the software themselves, rather than relying on the vendor. Lower cost is the attractive feature of open source ERP. Most ERP solutions have a broad range of features and modules that are included in their cost. Companies can do the necessary modifications in code and without much support from the vendor. Another advantage of open source ERP is that it does not interfere with the regular schedule of the company during the implementation stage. With the use of better implementation methodology, you can reduce the time required for ERP implementation service to the minimum. The productivity of ERP system is also high.
An ERP solution eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually entering of information. Open source ERP provides a highly effective inventory planning which helps to reduce material cost. ERP software solution should facilitate reduced operating costs and improved internal communication.

Benefits of Open Source ERP

  • ➢ Improved customer service and order fulfilment
  • ➢ Improved communication with suppliers and customers
  • ➢ Improve customer service
  • ➢ Increased sales and profits
  • ➢ Effective Human Resource Management